From solid roots the largest Extended Producer Responsibility System for the management of waste associated with electronic products is born

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The collection

In 2020 Erion managed a total of 302,266 tons of waste divided between Household and Professional WEEE, WBA and special waste

Enviromental benefits

Our System directly avoids damages to the Planet. In 2020: 1.8 million tons of CO2 avoided and 421 million kWh of energy saved


Economic benefits

Erion generated a total economic value of 89,410,692 €, up 11.30% compared to 2019

The People of Erion

The System counts on a dynamic and young team, a real heritage of experience and skills

Circular Economy

Erion concretely contributes to furthering the European path towards the circular economy


Letter to stakeholders

Erion presents its first Sustainability Report, the one relating to 2020, a year characterized by great challenges that we had to adapt to very quickly as organization and as people.

The Erion System

The Erion System stems from the will of Ecodom and Remedia to create the best Producer Responsibility Organization in terms of efficiency, quality, transparency, innovation and social commitment.

Sustainability Report

A year ago we stated that “We are very lucky to do a job that, if done right, can do good to the world”, and we repeat it today by bringing to your attention the data of our first Sustainability Report, proof that not only the work has been done right but that, together, we have done some good to the world.

Sustainability Report 2020

Read the Sustainability Report of Erion

The brochure

Erion 2020, an overview of all operating, economic, social and environmental performance

GRI Index Report Brochure