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Through its action within the EEE, Batteries and Accumulators value chain, Erion concretely contributes to furthering the European path towards the circular economy: both in terms of operational aspects thanks to the recycling of Secondary Raw Materials, and in terms of strategic developments, through studies and research on eco-innovation and the organization of awareness events aimed at consumers.

The projects

Erion’s commitment to make a tangible contribution to the Italian transition to the Circular Economy goes beyond its activity in the field of waste management associated with electronic products and the valorisation of the Secondary Raw Materials that compose them. As the European waste hierarchy points out, being sustainable means doing everything to prevent at source their production and encourage the reuse and recycling of end-of-life products.

It is for this reason that Erion collaborates with scientific organizations, industrial enterprises and universities on European research projects on the eco-innovation of products and manufacturing processes, on new business models for the Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batteries and Accumulators sectors and on the reconditioning and recycling of products at the end-of-life.

Erion is also involved in training activities especially for young students on topics such as Critical Raw Materials and climate change, and supports the development of innovative models and services.

In 2020 our Projects and Innovation (P&I) team took part in 12 programs funded by EIT – Raw Materials, EIT – Climate KIC and Horizon 2020.

The communication

Communicating the world of Erion means informing Producers, institutions, media and consumers about our activities, our initiatives and daily commitment to safeguarding the environment and protecting human health.

Communicating Erion means respecting every day our first promise, “We will go a long way together”, and involving our stakeholders in this journey, sharing with them our values and our work for the circular economy, research and technological innovation.


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On 4 November 2020, ErionNews, Erion’s quarterly e-newsletter, was launched.

Particular attention is given to promoting a cultural change from the linear to the circular economy, through an awareness-raising process aimed at all its stakeholders.

To this end, Erion has decided to launch, in partnership with CDCA, the online newspaper, which offers analysis, in-depth studies and dissemination content intended for professionals and environmental issues enthusiasts; a reference in the reflections on the transition to the circular economy, seen from an environmental, social and economic point of view.

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