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In 2022, the economic value generated by the Erion System, defined as the organization’s revenues to which financial income is added, amounts to EUR 106,532,829, a drop of 27% from 2021. This decrease is mainly related to two factors, the first of which is attributable to the extreme volatility of the raw materials market and, consequently, of the secondary raw materials. The second factor is the drastic reduction in eco-contributions paid by member Producers of Erion WEEE Collective Scheme.

In 2022, the economic value distributed by the Erion System amounted to EUR 120,428,968, up 6% from 2021.

In detail, 90% of the distributed value is allocated to logistics and treatment operators. 4% to staff remuneration, 3.1% to other operating costs, 2% to communication and less than 1% to Public Administration remuneration for taxation payment.

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