Economic Benefits

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In 2021, the Erion System generated a total economic value of EUR 146,819,534, an increase of 63.9% compared to the performance in 2020. This increase was mainly driven by the performance of Secondary Raw Materials.

The economic value distributed to stakeholders amounted to EUR 113,487,312, an increase of 28.4% compared to the previous year. There was a significant increase compared to the previous years’ values also for the economic value retained, amounting to EUR 33,332,223, which was influenced by the valuation of Secondary Raw Materials and the lower management costs that the System actually had to bear.

In detail, 89.8% of the distributed value was allocated to logistics and treatment suppliers and to the Collection Centres/Grouping Places (to these lattes in the form of efficiency bonuses). 4.1% was allocated to other operating costs, 3.7% to personnel, 2.0% to the Public Administration for the payment of taxes, and 0.4% to communication.

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