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Over time, Erion has forged strong relationships with a network of stakeholders that enables it to carry out its activities efficiently and with high quality standards, but also to engage into fruitful dialogue about existing technologies, ideas for improvement, and needs to be addressed. Not only that, the relationship with stakeholders allows Erion to take an active part in legislative developments and to be constantly updated, seeking to ensure that decisions made are consistent with the peculiarities and needs of the system in which Erion operates.

The stakeholder categories with which Erion interfaces are identifed below.

European research projects

The innovative character of Erion takes concrete expression through the research, training and communication projects initiated in 2022, including through participation in European Union-funded programmes.

The diagram below shows the funded projects currently implemented by the Erion System.

Circular culture communication

Being part of, and more importantly a promoter of, the ongoing ecological transition is a commitment that Erion passionately pursues every day.

Erion constantly communicates with its Members, the media, Institutions, citizens and the different stakeholders in the chain with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the sectors in which it operates, promoting the initiatives carried out by the Erion System, informing about the most important issues related to its activities (e.g. regulatory evolution, technological innovation, circular economy), raising awareness about proper waste management and disseminating knowledge about the circular economy.

To this end, Erion relies on multiple means of communication, from traditional media to the web and social channels and events.





46 press releases
3.310 articles


In 2022, Erion‘s quarterly newsletter, ErionNews had 18,515 views

The web magazine is the web magazine promoted by Erion together with the Environmental Conflict Documentation Centre and focused on the issues of green transition and circular economy. It is inspired by the principles of constructive journalism and features daily technical and scientific content, from news and special sections to trainings courses and workshops.

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