The Erion System

Producer Responsibility Organization

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The Erion System is the leading non profit Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) multi-consortium system operating in Italy that carries out its activities related to the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Waste Batteries and Accumulators (RPA) and Packaging Waste.

Erion offers a comprehensive service, supporting the development of a circular and sustainable culture in economic, social and environmental terms. In order to strengthen the quality and resilience of the sectors in which it operates and guarantee efficient management and specialized services to Producers, Erion has created four Collective Schemes operating in as many specific areas.

The Collective Schemes of the Erion System represent more than 2,500 companies in the hi-tech and consumer electronics sector,
and ensure their commitment to the environment, the circular economy and green research.

Erion guarantees a higher level of enviromental and economic performance and a wider range of services, thanks to an operational structure made up of four sector Consortia: Erion WEEE, Erion Professional, Erion Energy and Erion Packaging, and of consortium company Erion Compliance Organization (ECO) created to harmonise the operational strategies of the four Collective Schemes, to coordinate their common activities and to provide all the services necessary for the functioning of the System.

Erion System also holds a 20% stake in Interseroh TSR Italia, a company that operates as main contractor in the executive phase of waste collection, transport and treatment processes, whose responsibility falls under the responsibility of the collective schemes.

Four Collective Schemes,
one System

The Erion System is structured into four Collective Schemes that support the Producers of Electrical Electronic Equipment, Batteries and Accumulators and Packaging, in every phase of the management of the waste generated by their products. Erion WEEE, Erion Professional, Erion Energy and Erion Packaging work in collaboration with Interseroh TSR Italia, through a flexible and competitive relationship model.

Erion WEEE

Non-profit Collective Scheme dedicated to the management of Household and Professional WEEE

Erion Professional

Non-profit Collective Scheme dedicated exclusively to the management of Professional WEEE

Erion Energy

Non-profit Collective Scheme dedicated to the management of Waste of Batteries and Accumulators (WBAs)

Erion Packaging

Non-profit Collective Scheme for the management of Packaging Waste of EEE and B&A

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