The Erion System

“ECO’s primary goal is to build an excellent system that generates value by bringing innovation to all the actors involved in the different waste management systems. ECO aims to offer efficient and quality support to Producers to strengthen their sustainability strategies and at the same time contribute to building a greener future for Italy and the Planet, thanks to a more circular use of resources.”


Danilo Bonato, General Manager of Erion Compliance Organization


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Erion is a System consisting of five sector-specific Collective Schemes (Erion WEEE, Erion Professional, Erion Energy, Erion Packaging ed Erion Care) for the management of Household and Professional Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Waste Batteries and Accumulators (WBA), Packaging Waste from EEE and BA, and, from 2022, also Tobacco Product Waste.

The 5 Collective Schemes are supported by the consortium company Erion Compliance Organization S.c.a r.l. (ECO), the common platform designed to provide them with shared services by harmonizing operational strategies and coordinating all activities of the Erion System.

Erion was created to provide strategic content and operational excellence for effective implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a core value of European environmental policy.

Erion combines many advantages in a single system, including environmental sustainability, quality of work, continuous innovation to contribute to the circular economy, commitment to raising awareness within the community, transparency, integrity in relationships with partners, and collaboration with institutions.


The management model adopted by ECO integrates the three dimensions of sustainable development: Economic, Environmental and Social. The Collective Schemes ability to be competitive in their own sector and provide service excellence comes through the work of the eight Teams that make up ECO, led by competent managers who are committed to and passionate about their work. ECO carefully chooses its suppliers based on specific criteria that include environmental performance, thereby promoting the sharing of best practices within the different sectors. It also plays an active role in coordinating and participating in innovative projects for the development of advanced technologies and the creation of more sustainable business models in a circular economy.


Five Producer Responsibility Organizations
a single System

To guarantee our Members a unique and excellent service for the management of five types of waste: Household WEEE, Professional WEEE, Waste Batteries and Accumulators, Packaging and Tobacco products waste.


Collective scheme leader in Italy in the management of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment.


For Producers who place Professional Electrical and Electronic Equipment on the market.


Ensures Producers the regulatory compliance relating to Waste from Batteries and Accumulators.


Comprehensive service for compliance with the requirements of national packaging regulations.


The first national collective Scheme dedicated to prevent the littering of tobacco products waste.

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