Erion Energy

“Erion Energy is preparing to face, together with its Producers, the challenges arising from the forthcoming European Battery Regulation and posed by the energy revolution we are experiencing.”
Laura Castelli, General Manager of Erion Energy

Erion Energy is the non-profit Collective Scheme dedicated to the management of Waste Batteries and Accumulators (WBA) from all over Italy. Waste Batteries and Accumulators are regulated by Legislative Decree No. 188 of 2008, which transposes European Directive 2006/66.

In 2022, Erion Energy accounted for a market share in Italy of 27.2% for portable batteries and accumulators and 12.4% for industrial and automotive accumulators, equalling 19.8% in total.

The Collective Scheme, among the most important in the national landscape, is preparing for the new Regulation on the management of batteries and accumulators expected in 2023 by engaging in constant dialogue and collaboration with institutions and other Collective Schemes.

To improve the quality and quantity of collection, the Collective Scheme has implemented the “Energia Al Cubo” project, which involves intensive voluntary collection activities and citizen awareness campaigns. The project was presented at Ecomondo 2022, along with the study “The European Battery Regulation and challenges for the value chain” conducted in collaboration with DSS+, to inform stakeholders and interested parties about the new European Regulation updates. In October 2022, the “Ecodesign the Future: Batteries Edition” project was launched. It is a high-level training course promoted by Erion Energy in collaboration with, aimed at promoting the practice and culture of eco-design for batteries.

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