“Erion Energy is ready to help and support Producers, institutions and all stakeholders to improve and develop the existing system, also thanks to the challenges posed by the new European Battery Regulation and the energy revolution we are living today.”
Laura Castelli, General Manager of Erion Energy

Erion Energy is the Erion System Collective Scheme dedicated to the management of Waste Batteries (WB) throughout the country, meeting the need for battery producers to comply with Extended Producer Responsibility regulatory demands.

In 2023, Erion Energy represented a market share in Italy of 28.4% for portable batteries, and 11.7% for industrial and vehicle batteries.

To benefit Producers and to increase the quantity and quality of information about the environmental benefits generated by the proper management of exhausted batteries, in 2023 Erion Energy developed a specific tool that allows for the calculation of such impacts.

The proper treatment of nearly 6,000 tons of batteries managed by Erion Energy saved about 3 million kWh of electricity and the consumption of over 1 million cubic meters of water, besides preventing the emission of over 1.1 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent.

The Collective Scheme continued to support Producers in 2023 in identifying and adjusting their activities to the new regulatory requirements following the enactment of the European Battery Regulation.

Among the initiatives involving Erion Energy’s Producers in 2023 was participation in a Technical Table with MASE to define a Program Agreement aimed at extending the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility to online marketplaces.

The need to increase collected volumes to approach new community targets has made awareness initiatives on the importance of proper WB disposal even more relevant. The main one is “Raccoglile TUtte” a program that includes two initiatives: “Energia al Cubo” and “Una Pila al Giorno”.

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