“Erion Packaging is at the side of its Manufacturers in achieving the goals of the circular economy in the packaging, also in the context of the additional challenges posed by the forthcoming entry into force of the new European Regulation on Packaging.”
Roberto Magnaghi, General Manager of Erion Packaging

Erion Packaging is the Erion System Collective Scheme specialized in managing Waste Packaging of technological products.

In 2023, Erion Packaging has managed 11,500 tonnes of Packaging Waste, sending to recycling almost 10,000 tonnes, and worked on several fronts: studying the most effective financing models to encourage Member participation; producing specific semi-annual reports for MASE and ISPRA; consolidating and enhancing relations with national and international interlocutors such as institutions, citizens, and other industry collective schemes; conducting constant monitoring of the upcoming European Packaging Regulation and its potential applications to offer competent and timely responses to Members.

In 2023, a study was conducted “Comparative LCA Analysis: solutions for sustainable reverse logistics in the domestic packaging sector”, envisioning a scenario that, thanks to an innovative and high-performance reverse logistics scheme, involves direct participation of installers in transferring packaging from citizens’ homes to the waste treatment center.

The study was presented during an event dedicated to Ecomondo 2023, “Technological product packaging: between sustainable innovation and new European Regulation”, attended by prominent sector figures.

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