Erion Packaging

Erion Packaging is the non-profit Collective Scheme for the management of Packaging Waste associated with Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batteries and Accumulators.

Erion Packaging is an innovative project originated from the synergy between Erion and Interseroh, a leading multinational group operating in the recycling and environmental services sector, with particular reference to Packaging Waste.

Erion Packaging represents the possibility of offering an all-inclusive service to EEE and B&A Producers who, by law, are also required to contribute to the virtuous management of Packaging Waste related to their products.

At 31 December 2020 there are 7 Members Producers who established the Collective Scheme.

The Board of Directors of Erion Energy is made up of six Members (representatives of the companies) and a President, a position currently held by Maurizio Bernardi (BSH Italy).

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