“2023 was the first year of Erion Textiles. A perfect timing that allowed us to be accredited in the main European working groups on legislation. We are building our Collective Scheme day by day based on the needs of the Producers, and the satisfaction of the brands with what we have done so far confirms that we are on the right track.”
Raffaele Guzzon, President of Erion Textiles

Erion Textiles was established in April 2023 as the sixth non-profit Collective Scheme of the Erion System, dedicated to managing Waste Textile Products in Italy.

The Collective Scheme includes Producers of clothing, accessories, leather goods, home textiles, and footwear who have chosen to rely on Erion to meet the challenges posed by the revision of the Waste Framework Directive, which will extend the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility to the textile sector.

Erion Textiles was founded with the mission of making Producers key players in defining the future circular management chain of textile products, following the proposal for the revision of the Waste Framework Directive by the European Union in July 2023.

The Collective Scheme aims to become the point of reference for textile sector Producers to implement an effective Extended Producer Responsibility system capable of ensuring high standards of reuse and recycling, promoting the repairability and durability of products through ecodesign and knowledge sharing, and thus realizing the goals of the circular textile sector.

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